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Saturday, May 11th

Presenter setup
1:30 pm

Science Fair
2:00 - 4:00 pm


Victory Christian School 
3045 Garfield Avenue 
Carmichael, CA 95608


$250.00 total in prizes to be awarded!

Projects can be anything, but we do expect a well organized poster to explain your project and results.

(Click here for an example of a well designed poster.)

You will present your results orally to the judges.

We need your registration by April 27th.  

You may do your Science project as an individual,in pairs, groups, or as a family.  Parents may help, but the work needs to be primarily done by the student/students.

Caution:  Be sure your work on the poster
is original and yours, not plagiarized. 

We are pleased to have

Dr. Ross Anderson

joining us for his
third annual Science Club
on Saturday, April 6th, 2013
8:30 am - 10:00 am

(and beyond if you want
to take advantage of 
wonderful opportunities
at the Nature Center)

Dr. Anderson is Professor of Biochemistry at The Master’s College in Santa Clarita, CA. He is a brilliant scientist and a godly man. We are privileged to have this opportunity. Come and learn about the incredible Birds of California. Dr. Anderson will talk about bird anatomy and how to identify them.  He will take your questions as well, so come prepared.  You can imagine the birds will be up and busy very early so we are asking you to arrive and meet in the parking area at 8:30 am of The Effie Yeaw Nature Center.  (See directions below.)  
Please note:
*** $5 parking fee per car

*** Each student (and parents if you wish) will want to bring paper and pen/pencil ready to write down your observations, notes, date and location.  

*** If you have binoculars (Dr. Anderson recommends 7x35 wide angle) and a bird field guide (Dr. Anderson recommends the National Geographic Birds of North America), please bring them.  We will have a limited number of binoculars (4x30) and field guides to lend or to take with you and reimburse us at cost.


The Effie Yeaw Nature Center is located inside the Ancil Hoffman County Park, 2850 San Lorenzo Way, off Tarshes Drive in Carmichael CA 95608. The San Lorenzo entrance to Ancil Hoffman Park is permanently locked and the only way to enter the Effie Yeaw Nature Center by car is from Tarshes Drive and California Avenue. Check the map downloadable below. (WARNING:  Internet mapping software often gives inaccurate directions through San Lorenzo.) 

FREE EVENT your family might enjoy after Science Club!

Your family might also enjoy the Nature Center with its great exhibits.
Recommended voluntary donation of $2 per person.

is an award-winning environmental and cultural education center located within the beautiful American River Parkway in Carmichael, California. 

Enjoy our 77-acre nature preserve featuring interpretive trails that meander through the riparian woodlands along the American River. See deer, coyotes, migratory songbirds, raptors and wild turkeys as you explore the preserve's lush oak woodlands. Come and see us soon!
We offer a variety of fun activities for children and adults including  popular educational programs and tours for schools and other groups.  Come to the Center and visit our nationally traveled interactive exhibits and attend our many educational workshops.  Join us for a guided nature walk.  As always, we welcome volunteers.

Visitors can see live non-releasable wild animals, browse our Discovery Shop for books, toys and unique gifts, and tour the replica Maidu Indian summer village.

Since July, 2010, the Nature Center has operated under the auspices of the American River Natural History Association, a non-profit organization that has helped to support the Center for 30 years.

Meet John Saelee

John Saelee, a Christian and member of The Cornerstone Bible Church, received a BA in Environmental Studies from California State University, Sacramento. He has experience in multiple areas including: Academic Environmental and Scientific Research, Education, Journalism, cooking. John enjoys learning about and growing organic seasonal fruits and vegetables, especially from his Mien cultural background. He was inspired to grow food from seeds after observing a Student Teacher teach third grade students about growing and studying a lima bean. He also enjoys cooking using locally grown food.
John is seeking the will of the Lord to determine where God
wants him to be in his career. 

Come join us!
Masterworks Academy Science Club 
March 9th, 3-5pm at 

5010 Hazel Avenue
Fair Oaks, CA 95628

Need an Account ?? 
Click "user login" below in the right corner and register now.


From Sacramento, go south on Interstate 5 and exit Hood Franklin Road. Turn right, heading west, on Hood Franklin Road for about one mile. You will see signs and the entrance will be on your left, south side of the road. Park anywhere in the Visitor Parking, and it's free.  Meet at Blue Heron Trails.

What to Bring: 
To make your visit more enjoyable, we suggest bringing water, suncreen, hat, insect repellent, binoculars, field guides, and a camera. This is an easy level walk just under a mile in length on paved trails.  The site offers a mile of easy walking paved trails, new entrance road, parking lot, restrooms, amphitheater, kiosks, and an upcoming children's nature exploration area, "Little Green Heron" Playscape.

What NOT to Bring: 
Sorry, but dogs/pets, fishing gear, bbq's, radios, and remote controlled devices must stay at home. Remember, this is a quiet family friendly wildlife viewing area, and we are a guest in their home.


Discover Fire Science
Saturday, January 19th, 3-5pm


Welcome the new year in with

 JANUARY 19th, 2013

3 - 5 PM
Who likes fire?!?!  
Even if you're not a pyromaniac, most people appreciate the warmth and beauty of a fire on a cold night.
Come join us!
Masterworks Academy Science Club 
January 19th 3-5pm at 
 Victory Christian School 
Click here for map to VCS Gymnasium
3045 Garfield Avenue 
Carmichael, CA 95608
Not only are firefighters the coolest people in the world and not only do they save people's lives, but they use science on a daily basis!  We're going to see how firefighters use physics and chemistry to not only put out fires, but to move heavy objects, transport water and shore up falling buildings so they can save lives in many different ways.  
 Liz Curry

Graduate of 
The Master's College 
and a firefighter 
with the
Los Angeles Fire Department
will be our guest speaker. 
Don't miss out on this exciting club.  
See you there. 
The Masterworks Academy Team



We hope to reschedule this field trip
in Feb. or Mar. 2013


December 1st, 2012 - 9:00 am - UC DAVIS Water Treatment Facility

Just the other day a two and a half year old said to her mom, "The water going down the drain is just one of those mysteries we will HAVE to solve!"

Have your children ever wondered what happens to the water that runs down the drain?  Do they have any knowledge of the journey water takes before it comes out of the faucet?  How many adults even understand the process involved to make sure our drinking water is safe?

Please mark your calendars for November 17th, 2012 and join us for this fantastic opportunity to solve the mystery of the water going down the drain and all those other questions you might have. 

The UC Davis Water Treatment Facility has agreed to hold a special tour just for our Science Club on Saturday, November 17th, 2012.  They are able to accomodate 2 groups of 30 people each at 9:30 and if registration fills these two slots, a third tour will be scheduled for 10:20 am.

Registration is necessary!  

We will monitor the numbers registering and add the third group if needed and we will confirm your registration by email.    

Directions:  The UCD Wastewater Treatment Plant is located on Trotter Ln. off of Old Davis Rd.  Most will be taking 80 W, so exit on Old Davis Rd (UC Davis exit) and make left onto Old Davis Rd.  Take left on Trotter Ln (street right past rail road tracks) and follow attached map to gravel parking lot.  Everyone will then walk to the grassy area in front of the office.  

Google Map

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Next Science Club
Sat. Nov. 10th, 3 - 5 pm


NOVEMBER 10th, 2012
3 - 5 PM


Discover the science of motion by exploring
Isaac Newton's three laws of motion.  
Newton, being a Christian and creationist,
was a famous scientist who understood
that God is the creator of all things.  


Our Guest Speaker will be
Scott Novak, from Aerojet

Learn how Mr. Novak uses physics in building rockets.

Location:  VCS Gymnasium

Final Project Reminder: 
Bring your letter of intent for project and organized binder (optional).  
Final project stations will also be available for you to
meet with us and get some ideas for your final project!